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NEW Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit with Wilwood Calipers, XK-120, XK-140
Our 06-0031 disc brake kit (bottom) has been a great success and we now offer an alternative version with Wilwood forged alloy calipers in place of the original-style Dunlops. This results in a greater pad swept area and a further reduction in un-sprung weight. It’s also quite a bit less expensive. Key to the kit is our newly developed braided stainless steel brake flex-lines, they allow for a totally bolt-on conversion that’s completely reversible any time you wish. We’ve had the lines made in black-anodized stainless for a more original look. Kit includes splined wheel hubs, rotors, calipers, caliper mounting brackets, braided stainless flex lines (we even include the rear line) and all hardware. For all XK-120 and XK-140 with wire wheels.

Front Disc Brake
Conversion Kit
06-0032 $1749.95

Braided Brake Flex Lines

NEW Stainless Steel Braided Brake Flex Lines
XK-120, XK-140

Standard rubber brake flex lines do just that – flex. This can result in a “mushy” pedal feel. XK-120 and XK-140 brakes need all the help they can get and our new lines fit the bill exactly. We’ve had them made in black-anodized stainless steel braid for a more subtle look. These lines carry full DOT-certification and are compatible with all brake fluids, including silicone.

Stainless Steel Braided
Brake Flex Lines
17-1254 $99.95

Tire and Wheel Combo

NEW Tire and Wheel Combo
XKs Unlimited is now a direct importer of Vredestein tires – we buy them by the container load. Of significance is Vredestein’s 185-HR16, one of the best tires available for Jaguar XKs. We can now offer these tires at very reasonable prices. If your XK is still on bias-ply tires, you owe it to yourself to try a set of these radials – you won’t believe the difference. Purchase the tires separately, or buy them as a pre-mounted and balanced package with brand new tubes and Dayton wire wheels. Remember that virtually no tire shops have the adaptors required to properly balance wire wheels – we do.

Tire/Wheel/Tube Combo, Mounted and Balanced, Each 17-1261 $738.90
Vredestein Tire Only, Each VT-185HR16 $269.00

Walnut Veneered Panels

Walnut Veneered Panels for XK-150
Bring the classic look of XK-120 & XK-140 DHC/FHC and sedans to your XK-150 with a burr walnut-veneered instrument panel or a complete dash. Veneered door cappings make for a complete package. All of these items are special order; expect a six-week delivery time.

XK-150 Roadster
Early Heater, Center instrument panel only 19-4905 $549.95
Early Heater, Complete dash with fitted glove box door; 4 pieces 19-4906 $1100.00
Late Heater, Center instrument panel only 19-4907 $549.95
Late Heater, Complete dash with fitted glove box door; 4 pieces 19-4908 $1100.00
XK-150 DHC and FHC
Early, Center instrument panel only 19-4909 $549.95
Early, Complete dash with fitted glove box door; 4 pieces 19-4910 $1100.00
Late, Center instrument panel only 19-4911 $549.95
Late, Complete dash with fitted glove box door; 4 pieces 19-4912 $1100.00
Note: The early heater has a manually operated valve in the engine compartment. Late heaters have a cable-operated valve actuated by a knob located above the instruments labeled -- get this -- “Heater”.
Veneered Door Cappings
Veneered Door Cappings, Pair, DHC/FHC Only 19-4913 $600.00

Felt Strips

NEW Felt Strips
It’s amazing how much felt was used on XKs. Here are the first additions to our range. All are made with black felt that is conveniently self-adhesive. Installer must cut any required fastener holes.

Propeller Shaft Tunnel to Gearbox, One Required BD-3143 $2.25
Forward Edge of Boot Boards, One Required BD-4663 $5.85
Rear Edge of Boot Boards, One Required BD-4664 $5.40
Floor Boards to Sills, Two Required for all Body Styles BD-4702 $7.20
Floor Boards at Dash, Two Required for all Body Styles BD-4703 $2.70
Propeller Shaft Tunnel to Floors, Two Required for all Body Styles BD-4704 $4.50
Battery Box, Two Required for All Body Styles BD-4705 $3.15
XK-140 & XK-150
Spare Wheel Extension, Short, Two Required BD-10253 $1.65
Spare Wheel Extension, Long, Two Required BD-10254 $4.35

Spare Wheel Extension Mount Kit

NEW Spare Wheel Extension Mount Kit, XK-140/XK-150
Includes 18 each of the correct mounting screws, flat washers, lock washers, and two each long and short felt strips.

Shock Link Bushings 16-0801 $56.81

Generator Fan

NEW Generator Fan
For XK-140 and XK-150.

Generator Fan CO-7428 $39.19

Coil Bracket

NEW Coil Bracket, XK-150 “S”

Coil Bracket CO-14156 $46.65

Shock Link Bushings

NEW XK-120 Shock Link Bushings
While we still offer rebuilt link assemblies, you can now do the job yourself with our replacement bushings. Four required per car.

Shock Link Bushings 14-0101 $10.81

Rear Shock Link

NEW Replacement Rear Shock Link
XK-120 Sold per each. Two required.

Rear Shock Link JA-677 $124.95

Fuel Tank Felt Kits

NEW Fuel Tank Felt Kits
Very few XKs are restored with the proper felt insulators on the fuel tank. We’ve had complete kits made from black self-adhesive felt.

XK-120, 11 pieces cut to original dimensions 18-0085 $19.95
XK-140 & XK-150, five pieces cut to original dimensions 18-0086 $21.95

Shift Boot Clamp

NEW Shift Boot Clamp
Missing from virtually every XK, this special clamp retains the top of the shift boot to the shift lever.

XK-140 Alloy Fuel Tank

NEW XK-140 XK-150 Alloy Fuel Tank
Made by the same UK folks who supply our steel tanks. Lighter and, well, who can resist the cool factor of nicely fab'd alloy?

Inner Headlamp Ring

NEW XK-120 Inner Headlamp Ring
Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited. While the quality of UK reproductions of this item was very good, the price was astronomical - when we could get them. We've brought the pricing back down to earth. This is the 7" version for USA-specification headlamps. Introductory sale price.
$89.95 each

Ignition Wire Conduit Kit

Assembled Ignition Wire Conduit Kits
Threading ignition wires through the original-type center conduit and installing spark-plug ends is a fairly tedious task that many owners simply don't want to tackle, so we've done all the work for you with our ready-to-install ignition wire conduits. Simply remove two cylinder head hold-down nuts, install the conduit, attach the wires and you're ready to go. We use top-quality 7mm plain black wire and original-type straight or right-angle spark plug ends as per original. We even include the correct rubber boots (where applicable) for the spark plug and distributor cap terminals.

XK-120 Early 08-1530 $167.70
XK-120 Later 08-1532 $162.14
XK-140 08-1532 $162.14
XK-150 08-1532 $162.14


NEW Stickers and Plates for XKs
Take your XK restoration to the next level with some of our new stickers and plates. Imported from the UK.

Silver "Fluid Cooled"
Coil Sticker, Late XK-150
16-5048 $11.95
Coil Sticker, XK-120 16-5049 $6.95
Wiper Motor Placard,
Lucas Two Speed
16-5050 $19.95
Oil Filter Canister
Filter, XK-150
16-5051 $11.95
Heater Motor Plate,
all XKs
16-5052 $19.59

Jaguar XK-120

New Book! Jaguar XK-120 in Detail
This is a stunning new book published in conjunction with the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust and written by its chief archivist. The book jacket perhaps says it best: "The definitive history of Jaguar's world-beating XK-120, complete with in-depth technical descriptions, specially commissioned colour photography, rare archive pictures, competition history and details of prototypes, record breakers, works cars and special-bodied versions." If you have only one XK-120 book in your library, make it this one.
Part #: 11-9106

Pertronix Ignitor

Pertronix Ignitor® Kits
You've asked for them and here they are. We are now fully stocked on the popular Pertronix Ignitor® ignition conversion kits. They eliminate troublesome breaker points forever with an incredibly neat magnetic pick-up that's fully contained within the distributor cap for a "no one will ever know" installation. Available for standard cars and for positive ground cars that have been converted to negative ground. To get the most of the Ignitor kits, also purchase the appropriate matched coil.

Part Name Dist Type/Polarity Part # Price Buy
XK-120 Ignitor Kit DVX.6A (+) 17-3650 $175.78
XK-120 Coil - 17-3670 $34.15
XK-140 Ignitor Kit DVX.6A (+) 17-3650 $175.78
XK-140 Coil - 17-3670 $34.15
XK-120/140 Ignitor Kit DVX.6A (-)
For cars converted
to negative ground.
17-3651 $167.37
XK-140 Coil For cars converted
to negative ground.
17-3670 $34.15
Water Outlet Gasket for XK-120

NEW! Water Outlet Gasket for XK-120
Now made by XKs Unlimited in the USA from top-quality gasket material. Our price is now lower as well.

Part #: CO-2380

Brake Shoe Sets

NEW! Brake Shoe Sets for XK-120 and XK-140
Shops capable of re-lining brake shoes are scarce. Due to environmental laws, most can no longer properly shape the new lining to the radius of the drum, which often results in only a fraction of the lining making contact with the drum and correspondingly poor braking performance. These shoe sets are brand new, not relined, and are of the proper radius. What's more, the friction material is meant for cars, not trucks (as is commonly used when re-lining Jaguar brake shoes because of their somewhat odd size) and while it's probably not up to the rigors of racing, you should notice a huge improvement in your street-driven Jaguar's stopping ability.

Part #: JA-35130
$179.95/Axle Set

XK-120 Steering Box Bearing Races

NEW! XK-120 Steering Box Bearing Races
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited in the USA from heat treated steel, these are excellent, life-time parts. Three-piece set.

Part #: 14-5427

Sump Plug

XK-120-140-150 Sump Plug
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited, this filter/drain plug fits all XK-120, XK-140 and XK-150. We've improved the quality and reduced the price!

Part #: CO-990

XK-120 Distributor Cap

NEW! Early-Style XK-120 "Side Entry" Distributor Cap
We now have in stock the "Horizontal Outlet" (to quote Jaguar parlance) distributor cap as originally fitted to early XK-120s up to engine W.6696, or prior to November, 1952. Very nice quality reproductions.

Part #: LU-415708

Lucas-Style XK-120 Battery

New! Lucas-Style XK-120 Battery
Made in the USA from top-quality components, these are the most-original-looking batteries available for the XK-120. They feature correct "LUCAS"-embossed caps and cases plus a non-sticky but original-appearing PolyTar® top. (We will continue to stock our "fit and function" version of the XK-120 battery under part number CO-2767/X.) Two required; sold per each.

Part #: CO-2767
$175.00 each

XK-120 Tonneau Cover

NEW! XK-120 Tonneau Cover
One of the key advantages XKs Unlimited enjoys over its competitors is our restoration and service shop. If a part doesn't fit or is of poor quality, you can bet our purchasing and product development managers will hear about it in short order. We can then work directly with our suppliers to improve a product. Case in point is our new XK-120 tonneau; our trimmers requested some subtle but important changes, not the least of which was locating the steering wheel pocket properly. We also revised the mounting system: two Tenax fasteners (part number 19-3227; not included) replace two of the screws in the windshield pillars, and two threaded Lift-The-Dot studs (part number 19-3225, not included) replace the two rear-view-mirror mounting screws. With this system, no holes must be drilled to mount the front of the tonneau. The rear is mounted via snaps or Lift-the-Dot fasteners (included).

Black on Black 19-1411SF BKB
Tan on Tan 19-1411SF TAT
Black on Tan 19-1411SF BKT
Blue on Black 19-1411SF BLB

Brake Conversion Kit XK-120 & XK-140 Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit
Part #: 06-0031

Our goal with this kit was to replicate XK-150 front disc brakes for the XK-120 and XK-140 -- not to create a monster kit with red-painted, six-pot, calipers gripping rotors the size of a medium pizza. The photo tells the story, but this is the most complete kit in the industry, with all the required hardware included, not to mention new splined hubs, rotors, disc brake cylinders, hoses, etc., etc. For single or dual master cylinder, but wire wheel cars only. Kit does not include brake pipes from master cylinder to flex lines, which are easily fabricated using materials available at just about any auto parts store. Bring decent brakes to your XK-120 or XK-140!

Steering Rack Rebuild Kit NEW XK-140-150 Steering Rack Rebuild Kits
Part #: 14-2050

These kits include all the wear items required to put your XK-140 or XK-150 steering rack back to virtually "as new" condition, including all bearings, bushings, lock tabs, seals, tie rod ends, bellows and rack mounts. The XK-140 kit does not include the spring-loaded plunger (C14002). However, the XK-150 piece can be purchased separately and modified to fit.

XK-120 Stainless Steel Bumper Set NEW XK-120 Stainless Steel Bumper Set
Part #: 16-0010
If you have put off replacing your XK-120's bumpers because of either price or quality, well, the planets have aligned, the two parties are speaking and your wait is over. This set, made from stainless steel, offers quality very near the best UK-made bumpers at a price just slightly above the bumpers made in, well, somewhere other than the UK. Includes two front and two rear bumpers.

Door Hinge Shims

NEW Door Hinge Shims for XK-120 and XK-140
Essential for proper door alignment. Manufactured by XKs Unlimited.

Stepped Washer NEW Stepped Washer, XK-120 Front Bumpers
Part #: 16-0026
Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited. Excellent quality at a lower price. As per C3225; four required per car.

Front End Restoration Kit XK-120 Polyurethane Bushings Front End Restoration Kit, XK-120, Polyurethane Bushings - Part #: 14-0502
As above, but with polyurethane suspension bushings.

Front End Restoration Kit XK-140 XK-150 Standard Bushings Front End Restoration Kit, XK-140, XK-150, Standard Bushings - Part #: 14-0504
Our standard front suspension rebuilt kit plus SPAX shocks, wheel bearings and seals, lock tabs, bump stops, steeering tie rod ends, steering rack boots and steering rack mounts.

Front End Restoration Kit XK-140 XK-150 Polyurethane Bushings Front End Restoration Kit, XK-140, XK-150 Polyurethane Bushings
Part #: 14-0506
As above, but with polyurethane suspension bushings.

Front End Restoration Kit XK-120 Standard Bushings Front End Restoration Kit, XK-120, Standard Bushings
Part #: 14-0500
Our standard front suspension rebuilt kit plus SPAX shocks, wheel bearings and seals, lock tabs, bump stops and two steering tie rod assemblies.

Timing Pointer for XK-140 and XK-150 New Timing Pointer, XK-140, XK-150
Part #: CO-8240
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited. Supplied flat; you must make a slight bend (easily accomplished in a vise) to match your original.

XKs Champion Spark Plug Terminal New XKs "Champion" Spark Plug Terminal
Part #: 08-0415
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited, great quality at a lower price.

XKs Champion Spark Plug Terminal New Caliper Mount Bracket
Part #: CO-12930
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited, this bracket is used for front disc brake conversions. Beautifully CNC machined from high-strength steel.

Brake Retracting Spring Brake Retracting Spring
Part #: JA-30628

Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited, these are for later XK-120s with the dual master cylinder (and automatically adjusting front brakes) and all XK-140.
Four required per car.

Brake Retracting Spring Brake Retracting Spring
Part #: JA-24701

Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited, these are for early XK-120s with the single master cylinder and manually adjusted brakes.
Four required per car.

Ignition Wire Kits NEW Ignition Wire Kits

More handy kits from XKs Unlimited. These its include distributor cap, plug lead set, lead separators, ignition wire conduit and correct "Champion" plug ends -- all at a substantial savings over purchasing the items separately.

XK-120 Early
Part #: 08-1500

XK-120 Later, XK-140
Part #: 08-1502

Part #: 08-1504

Sports Cars

XK Sports Cars
From the Ludvigsen Library Series, "Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150 Sports Cars" is a collection of photographs from the veteran journalist's vast collection. Ludvigsen does provide a brief introduction to the various Jaguar XKs, but it's the period photographs of XK prototypes, show cars and racing and rallye machines that tell the story and "give an intimate portrait of the sports cars that raised the bar for Jaguar's opposition and cemented the company's reputation for fast, stylish cars that were also remarkably affordable." 128 pages.

Part #: 11-9076


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