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Rather than continue to publish one large catalog, we will have five sub-catalogs in our Master Catalog Series: E-Type, XK-120-140-150, Early Sedans, Early XJ, and Late XJ/XK/X-Type/S-Type. For almost a year, we've been hard at work on the first in this series, the E-Type catalog. It's 504 pages and includes a four-color high performance & accessory section. We've added hundreds of new parts and included numerous new line drawings and photographs to illustrate them. We think you'll be impressed. Because of the tremendous printing and postage costs, we will continue our policy of providing free copies on compact disc but will charge a refundable fee for the printed version.

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Assembled Ignition Wire-Conduit Kits

Note: "screw-in" or "push-in" refers to where the wires attach to the distributor cap; "screw-in" caps have knurled nuts that screw in to the cap; "push-in" caps have modern connectors that -- you guessed it -- simply push in to the cap.

Assembled Ignition Wire-Conduit Kits
Threading ignition wires through the original-type center conduit and installing spark-plug ends is a fairly tedious task that many owners simply don't want to tackle, so we've done all the work for you with our ready-to-install ignition wire conduits. Simply remove two cylinder head hold-down nuts, install the conduit, attach the wires and you're ready to go. We use top-quality 7mm plain black wire and original-type straight or right-angle spark plug ends as per original. We even include the correct rubber boots (where applicable) for the spark plug and distributor cap terminals.

Series I E-Type 08-1534     $219.02  
Series I E-Type
w/ Screw-in Cap
08-1534     $219.02  
Series II E-Type
w/ Push-in Cap
08-1536     $225.09  
Six-Cylinder Exhaust Headers

In Stock Now! Six-Cylinder Exhaust Headers
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited from type-304 stainless steel, these free-flowing six-cylinder headers are beautifully formed and welded; they far surpass similar parts made in the UK. What's even more amazing, however, is the price. Set includes two polished tubular headers and connector pipes to join to a standard system. Install these headers and you'll enjoy a boost in power and will never have to deal with flaking porcelain again! Please note that we purposely made the link pipes on the long side, so they may require a trim on some cars. Gaskets and other mounting hardware sold separately.

Rear Hatch Glass

New FHC/2+2 Rear Hatch Glass
We’ve just received our first shipment of E-Type coupe and 2+2 rear hatch glass. Quality is excellent. Clear and tinted versions are available; both are equipped with defroster elements (which do differ somewhat from original glass). Please see the related parts below in addition to our new hatch glass kits which provide everything you need for a complete restoration. Related parts represented below.

Hatch Glass:
Hatch Glass, Clear BD-22740 $419.95
Hatch Glass, Tinted BD-22744 $419.95
Related Parts:
Seal, Rear Hatch Glass 18-2019 $65.43
Lock Strip, Rear Hatch Glass Seal, 10’ required 18-2017-1 $2.19 / foot
Rear Hatch Chrome, Upper BD20159-1 $87.23
Rear Hatch Chrome, Lower BD20159-2 $88.98
Joining Clip, Rear Hatch Glass, 2 required BD-5366-1 $5.82

Hatch Glass Kit

NEW Hatch Glass Kit
If you’re replacing your hatch glass, you will need a new seal and lock strip, and, hey, why not replace the chrome as well? We’ve put them all together in a handy kit to save you hassle and money. These kits include the Glass as well as the items to the right.

Hatch Glass Kit, Clear 16-1225 $691.95
Hatch Glass Kit, Tinted 16-1226 $691.95

Heater Return Pipe

NEW Heater Return Pipe, Series II
Made from 4130 aircraft tubing. For Stromberg-equipped cars from engine 7R.1838 (SWB) and 7R.35330 (2+2).

Heater Return Pipe, Series II CO-28233 $59.95

Jack Handle, Series III

NEW Jack Handle, Series III V-12 E-Type

Jack Handle, Series III JA-12870 $49.95

Alloy Rain Shields

NEW Alloy Rain Shields For V-12
We’ve sold stainless steel rain shields for years but these are the original alloy material for the purest. Sold per each, two required per car.

Alloy Rain Shields CO-35727/A $28.50 each

Vacuum Hose Band Clamp

NEW Vacuum Hose Band Clamp
This clamp is either missing or in horrible shape. It’s used on later Series I and Series II E-Types to retain a brake vacuum hose to the left subframe.

Vacuum Hose Band Clamp BD-7738/4 $5.31

Mounts And Trailing Arm Bushings

NEW Heavy Duty I.R.S. Mounts And Trailing Arm Bushings
For high performance work, the standard E-Type Independent Rear Suspension (I.R.S.) and trailing arm mounts are a bit too soft. (And, conversely, some of the available polyurethane mounts are far too hard.) These mounts are made in England by folks with decades of experience with modified E-Types. They provide far more positive location of the I.R.S. unit for improved handling but without undue harshness.

Radius Arm Bushings, four pieces 14-1050 $349.95
I.R.S. Mount Kit 14-1060 $349.95

Molded Shut-Post Seals

NEW Molded Shut-Post Seals
Made on the original tooling, these seals fit all Series I and II roadster and coupe. Unlike a cheaper extruded seal, these have the proper curvature molded right in.

Molded Shut-Post Seals BD-25898/99 $35.50

Torsion Bar Bracket

NEW Torsion Bar Bracket
For Series I and II E-Types.

Torsion Bar Bracket CO-19379 $195.00

Fuel Tank Sump

NEW V-12 Fuel Tank Sump
The six-cylinder version of this part has been a great success, so we’ve now made the analogous V-12 part. It is supplied with a separate drain bolt as per the original. We also include the two sealing washers and a packet of anti-seize paste.

V-12 Fuel Tank Sump CO-32305 $74.95

Alloy Header Tank

NEW Alloy Header Tank, Series II E-Type
Beautifully welded, this will make a great addition to your engine compartment. Mounts via the standard bracket.

Alloy Header Tank 17-3587 $246.29

Crankshaft Damper Cone

NEW Six-Cylinder Crankshaft Damper Cone
This essential engine part was recently discontinued by Jaguar so we had it CNC-machined here in America. The price is now lower, too!

Crankshaft Damper Cone CO-2466 $99.95

E-Type Rocker Switches

NEW V-12 E-Type Rocker Switches
This is our largest reproduction parts project to date. Again, we were unsatisfied with the quality and/or price of existing reproduction switches. These switches are made by a Lucas sub-contractor and we are pleased with the quality. Buy them individually or save some $$ and buy a set!

Hazard Warning (C34683) LU-39691 $34.95
Map Switch (C32847) LU-39225 $34.95
Interior Switch (C32847) LU-39225 $34.95
Panel Light (C34682) LU-39599 $34.95
Side Lamps (C32850) LU-39233 $34.95
Side Lamps (C32850) LU-39233 $34.95
Head Lamps (C32849) LU-39287 $34.95
Windshield Wiper (C33862) LU-39235 $34.95
Windshield Washer (C32852) LU-39229 $34.95
Heater Fan (C34681) LU-39600 $34.95
Rear Window (C32847) LU-39225 $34.95
Switch Kit, Ten Pieces 08-3500 $314.95

Shift Lever Kit

Shift Lever Pivot Rebuild Kit
Restore precision to your E-Type's shifter with this shift pivot rebuild kit. It includes two C1894 thrust washers, one C1905 coil washer, two C1908 phenolic washers, and one C1929 coil washer. Regular list price is $39.95.

Part #: 12-0004

Roadster Windshield Pillar Caps

NEW Series I & II Roadster Windshield Pillar Caps
Now made by XKs Unlimited, these caps offer excellent quality at a greatly reduced price. Sold per pair. For all Series I and II roadsters. Also see the correct attaching screws, sold separately.

Pillar Cap Pair
Series I & II --- $69.95
Mounting Screw, Top
2 required per car --- $2.25
Mounting Screw, Side
2 required per car --- $2.25
Heater Mesh Seal

NEW Heater Mesh Seal
For Series I and II. Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited.

Heat Riser Gaskets

NEW Heat Riser Gaskets
Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited from superior materials, these gaskets fit Series I.5 and Series II with the cast alloy heat riser.


Intake Side
CO-28705   $9.95
Exhaust Side CO-28706   $9.95
Crankshaft Seal Conversion Kit

NEW 4.2 Rear Crankshaft Seal Conversion Kit
One of the few weak points of the Jaguar "XK" six-cylinder engine is the rear crankshaft seal. Early engines don't even have one - later ones make do with an antiquated rope seal. This seal conversion kit uses a real, modern, rear seal for - get this - leak-free sealing! Please note that the crankshaft must be turned down to fit the seal, so this modification is best made during an engine rebuild. A core charge applies as this kit uses a modified original seal housing; we will need your original back, in other words.
$165.00 + $100 Core Charge

Correct V-12 Ignition Wires

NEW Correct V-12 Ignition Wires
Our USA-supplier of top-quality ignition wires has made an exclusive set to fit the V-12 E-Type with the correct-length coil wire. Fits early or late coil placement.

Series II and III License Lamp Lens Gasket

NEW Series II and III License Lamp Lens Gasket
Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited.

Repair Panel For Hatch

NEW Repair Panel For Hatch
Entire replacement hatch panels are not available new, but this UK-made repair panel should save all but the most rusted examples as it replaces the lower 12" of sheet metal.

Series II and III License Lamp Lens Gasket

NEW Rear Hatch Hinge Hardware Kits
All the specialized hardware required to fit the rear hatch hinges.

Fixed Head Coupe 16-2454     $25.66  
2+2 16-2456     $25.09  
Repair Panel For Hatch

NEW Early 3.8 Bonnet Louver Pair
These are nicely made replicas of the weld-in bonnet louvers as fitted to early 3.8 E-Types. Use them to re-create an early bonnet or for any number of projects.

Seat Hinge Pivot Bushing

NEW Seat Hinge Pivot Bushing 4.2 E-Type
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited. Two bushings required per seat. Series I only.

Top Frame Pivot Bushings

NEW Top Frame Pivot Bushings V-12 Roadster
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited from ultra-tough black Delrin, these bushings ensure proper top-frame alignment and smooth operation. We usually find the originals in pieces - if we find them at all! Four required per car, sold per each.

V-12 E-Type Grille NEW V-12 E-Type Grille
Part #: BD-38844/X

Now made by XKs Unlimited in the USA entirely out of stainless steel. Excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

E-Type Handbook

NEW! Essential Buyer's Guide, E-Type V-12
Given the small cost of this book, you'd be foolish not to heed its step-by-step advice before spending thousands on a V-12 E-Type.
Sixty four pages, 100 photos and illustrations.

51/2" X 75/8" pocketbook size.
Part #: 11-9110

E-Type 5-piece V-Belt Kit

NEW! Five-Piece V-Belt Kit
For V-12 E-Type.

Part #: 09-BK100

Fuel Tank Mounts

NEW! Series I and II Fuel Tank Mounts
If you're doing significant rear panel replacement on a Series I or II E-Type, you will need to replace these mounts, which are not part of the relevant replacement panels.

Front BD-16008F $39.95
Rear BD-16008R $39.95

Replacement Circuit Board NEW REOPUS Replacement Circuit Board for V-12 Ignition Amplifier

XKs Unlimited has been appointed the exclusive North American distributor for REOPUS, a totally re-designed and updated circuit board for the Lucas OPUS ignition amplifier fitted to V-12 E-Types.

Circuit Board Only: #08-1030 — $399.95

Circuit Board Installed in Customer's Amplifier: #08-1032 — $464.95

The Lucas OPUS ignition amplifier, while state-of-the-art in its day, is notoriously unreliable. It was originally located in the engine valley where it was subjected to extreme heat. A later modification kit moved the unit nearer to the radiator, but this only marginally improved reliability.

REOPUS is a new printed circuit (PC) board with modern components that is easily installed into the original aluminum case to replace the Lucas PC board. It has been completely redesigned to address the shortcomings of the original unit, but using the original pick-up, coil, ballast and wiring, thus providing a completely modern ignition system while maintaining originality.

The PC board is supplied as a kit with detailed instructions. Upgrading to a REOPUS unit simply requires the original PC board to be taken out of the case and replaced with the new board, which fits on the original mounts. The upgrade will not even require the amplifier to be removed from the vehicle or the ignition timing to be changed. Please note that soldering is required.

REOPUS Features:
Works in harmony with the rest of the ignition system
Uses existing pick-up, coil and ballast resistor
Gives precise timing between cylinders
Uses latest hybrid transistors specifically designed to fire coils
Provides more flexibility with coil choice
Redesigned and built to far exceed original's capabilities
Includes an on-board diagnostic system

The REOPUS upgrade will give:
Improved hot- and cold-starting
Smother idling and acceleration
Improved emissions
Superior reliability
Better performance
Increased fuel economy

Note: Depending upon the availability of core units, we may be able to supply an upgraded amplifier on an exchange basis; otherwise we will need your amplifier.

Mounts and Trailing Arm Bushings

NEW! Heavy Duty I.R.S. Mounts and Trailing Arm Bushings
For high performance work, the standard E-Type Independent Rear Suspension (I.R.S.) and trailing arm mounts are a bit too soft. (And, conversely, some of the available polyurethane mounts are far too hard.) These mounts are made in England by folks with decades of experience with modified E-Types. They provide far more positive location of the I.R.S. unit for improved handling but without undue harshness.

Radius Arm Bushings, four pieces 14-1050 $349.95
I.R.S. Mount Kit 14-1060 $349.95

Hard Top Assembly

NEW Series I & II Hard Top Assembly
This is a faithful replica of the original, optional, fiberglass hard top for Series I and II E-Types, not an aftermarket unit. Compared to the cost of the ever-shrinking supply of original hard tops -- the vast majority of which require a lot of TLC and are cracked -- this is a huge bargain. Supplied in white -- paint to match your car. Includes all chrome, rear window and headliner.

Part #: BD-20687

Gasket Kit

NEW! Bulkhead Gasket Kits
Now made by XKs Unlimited in the U.S., these gaskets offer superior fit, material quality and price compared to those from our former supplier. The breaking point between kits 16-2550 and 16-2551 is at VIN 1E.10430 (roadster) and 1E.30210 (coupe), or about March 1966. All Series I 2+2 require 16-2551. Part numbers 16-2550 and 16-2551 includes gaskets for the brake pedal housing, steering housing and the three blank-off plates near the washer reservoir. The V-12 kit is two pieces and includes the pedal box gasket and the A/C hose cover gasket.

3.8 & Early 4.2 16-2550 $17.50
Later 4.2, Series II 16-2551 $18.49
Series III 16-2552 $6.95

Pedal Box Rebuild Kits

NEW Pedal Box Rebuild Kits
Try as we might, we can't make your E-Type new again, but we're getting closer. Our new pedal box rebuild kits include just about everything required to replace all the wear items related to the brake and clutch pedals, such as return springs, housing gasket, pedal bushings and the fiber washers between the pedals. Many items included are manufactured by XKs Unlimited, meaning you won't find them anywhere else.

3.8 E-Type 16-1650 $26.47
4.2 Series I E-Type to March 1966 16-1652 $47.48
4.2 Series I from March 1966, all Series II 16-1654 $38.10
V-12 E-Type Manual Transmission 16-1654 $38.10
All E-Type Automatic Transmission 16-1656 $25.76

E-Type Six-Cylinder Brake Servos

NEW! E-Type Six-Cylinder Brake Servos
Available again after an absence of many years are brand new brake servos for six-cylinder E-Types. They are less expensive than rebuilt units and are virtually indistinguishable from a vintage original. No core charge!

Part #: GR-4258-232

Brake Fluid Reservoir Bracket

NEW! V-12 Brake Fluid Reservoir Bracket


Seat-Back Torque Springs

New! Correct Seat-Back Torque Springs
Series II

These springs provide tension to the seat backs for a smooth rake adjustment. We've recently changed suppliers and the fit is greatly improved. One left and one right required per seat.

Right BD-33278 $29.95
Left BD-33279 $29.95

Firewall Plates

NEW! Firewall Blank-Off Plates
While these plates don't really wear out, if your E-Type was once painted by Harry's House of Overspray, it may be easier to simply replace them than attempt to restore defaced originals.

Late Series I and all Series II, Brake Housing CO-25572/2 $42.00
Brake Pedal, Multiple Application BD-19712 $42.00
3.8 E-Type 16-2998 $17.95
Accel. Pedal, Mult. Application BD-19711 $23.95

E-Type Roll Cages NEW Series I and II E-Type Roll Cages

We now stock E-Type roll cages from Safety Devices, a highly respected UK company that has manufactured roll cages for more than 30 years.

E-Type Coupe
Part #: 17-1750
This 8-point bolt-in cage features 45mm main hoop and diagonal braces in the main hoop and back stays. The front of the cage mounts to the sills and A-posts; the rear mounts to the seat riser/inner wing and boot floor. While fairly minimal welding is required (mounting plates to car), professional installation is recommended. Finished in a durable black powder coat. This cage is FIA-homologated.

E-Type Roadster
Part #: 17-1755
This is a four-point roll hoop with rear backstays and is sold as a "weld-together, bolt-in" kit. The main hoop attaches to the seat riser/inner wing. The backstays pass through the rear bulkhead panel and attach to brackets located above the rear suspension. The main hoop is 50mm with a single diagonal brace. Cannot be used with a soft top; a factory hard top will fit over the bar, however. Professional installation by a competent welder is required. Painting required.

E-Type License Lamps NEW Series I E-Type License Lamps
Part #: LU-53993

Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited. Excellent quality at a lower price! Two required per car.

E-Type Reverse Lamp Housing NEW Series I E-Type Reverse Lamp Housing
Part #: BD-20754

Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited. While these have been available as a reproduction for years, the fit was poor, the chrome quality was lacking and the price was way too high. Our version has excellent chrome, a nice heft and crisp lines. The price is lower too! At this price, it's certainly not worth the hassle to re-chrome an original.

E-Type License Lamps NEW 4.2-Liter E-Type Seat Roller Kit
Part #: 16-9050

E-Type seat tracks never really wear out, but the plastic rollers that separate the two halves can become brittle and break, rendering an otherwise serviceable track, well, unserviceable. Our seat track roller kit is an inexpensive way to get your tracks back on track (sorry). One kit is required per seat.

E-Type Rear Brake Ducts NEW Series III E-Type Rear Brake Ducts
Right Side: Part #: CO-34090
Left Side: Part #: CO-34091

These ducts live under the car just ahead of the rear suspension and bring cool air to the rear brakes. On many cars they have been used as jacking points and are thus crushed. On others they are heavily rusted. Fitted to all V-12 E-Types.

Right Side: Part #: CO-34090

Left Side: Part #: CO-34091

Richard Russ Book NEW Richard Russ Book on Compact Disc
Part #: 11-9105

Back in 1991 our friend Dick Russ published a wonderful book called Jaguar E-Type A Guide to Authenticity. It quickly became the reference for Series III enthusiasts, as it included a wealth of technical data plus the proper finish for just about every component of a V-12 E-Type. This long out-of-print book fetches huge sums on the internet. We're happy to report, however, that for the less than princely sum of $49.95, the book is now available on compact disc and includes all the photographs and diagrams that made the printed version so valuable.

4.2 E-Type Fuel Inlet Filter NEW Fuel Inlet Filter, 4.2 E-Type
Part #: CO-21900
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited, these filters incorporate a copper mesh screen for long life and superior filtration. And, the price is lower, too!

Stainless Steel V-12 Water Pipe NEW Stainless Steel V-12 Water Pipe
Part #: CO-36968
We've seen a number of these pipes lately that have either failed completely or are wafer-thin due to years of corrosion. To solve the problem once and for all, we've had these pipes made from stainless steel. They're far superior in fit and finish to the mild steel reproductions we've seen. Unlike the original part, this version does have one weld on the main tube. Can be painted black to match the original part or highly polished. This is the later version of this pipe; it fits V-12 E-Type from engine 7S.7785-on.

E-Type Battery Support Brackets

NEW E-Type Battery Support Brackets
Available in Mild and Stainless Steel. As part of our ongoing effort to manufacture more items ourselves, we've just received our first shipment of Series I and II battery support brackets. We couldn't be happier with the quality. Choose from powder coated black or — as an XKs Unlimited exclusive — stainless steel!

Black Powder Coated Mild Steel
Stainless Steel

E-Type Steering Wheel NEW Aftermarket 15" E-Type Steering Wheel
Part #: CO-20267/X
While not made in the UK by the original manufacturer, this is an excellent quality product at an unbeatable price. One inch smaller in diameter than the original wheel for less flex and easier ingress/egress. Brushed satin aluminum center spokes.

Round Fan Motor and Adapter

Round Fan Motor & Adapter Bracket - Available Again!
Manufactured by XKs Unlimited. We now have a great supply of this bracket that was once a stock item made by Lucas. It allows the round radiator cooling fan motor as factory fitted to the V-12 E-Type to be installed on a Series I or II car originally equipped with the "square" Lucas fan motor. This later motor is vastly superior to the earlier one and available brand new at a very attractive price. Bracket supplied with new mount grommets and all hardware. Fan motor sold separately.

Adapter Bracket
Round Fan Motor

Finisher FHC Hatch Pull NEW Finisher, FHC Hatch Pull
Part #: BD-20900
Top-quality chrome imported from England. For all FHC and 2+2.

Cantrail Chrome Finisher

NEW Cantrail Chrome Finisher, E-Type Coupes

Hardware Kit for Fuel Sender and Pickup Plate NEW Hardware Kit for Fuel Sender and Pickup Plate
Part #: 03-1050
Kit includes all required screws and copper washers to install the fuel level sender and fuel pick-up plate on all E-Types, all in one handy kit. Introductory sale price.

Felt Seal Radiator Stone Guard NEW Felt Seal, Radiator Stone Guard
Part #: BD-19031
Jaguar was quite fond of using felt as a sealing and insulating material. Most of these pieces, of course, have long since vanished. A good example is the felt sealing strip at the top of the Series I radiator stone guard. Few E-Types have this piece intact and it's a frequent points deduction at JCNA concours events.

Six-Cylinder Bonnet Catch NEW Six-Cylinder Bonnet Catch
Part #: BD-20320
Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited. Replace your rusty or bent original.

Chrome Bezel Chrome Bezel, Series I and II OTS Top Canopy Panel
Part #: BD-20659
Rust has probably overtaken the finish, and it's time to replace. Now Manufactured by XKs Unlimited.

One-Wire Alternator Conversion Kit One-Wire Alternator Conversion Kit
4.2 Series I E-Type

Part #: 08-9010
Our new alternator conversion kit looks very close to original and offers vastly improved performance and reliability. What's more, it's about the same price as a rebuilt Lucas alternator. Installation couldn't be simpler: it bolts to the stock bracket and uses the stock belt. The one-wire, 84-amp GM alternator uses all new components and can easily handle the increased electrical demands of modern audio systems, cooling fans, etc. Our kit includes alternator, custom pulley, custom adjusting bracket, a new belt and all mounting hardware. We even include a section of heat-shrink tubing to protect the original alternator plug! This is a bolt-in kit that will allow you to easily convert back to the stock alternator should you wish. Other applications are under development.

E-Type Air Cleaner Grommet
E-Type Air Cleaner Grommet
Part #: CO-17546
We've had this item manufactured to our specifications to correct problems experienced with other reproductions. Our version is beefier and of the correct diameter, thus ensuring it stays firmly in place as the engine rocks in its mounts. For Series I and earlier Series II E-Types with the round air cleaner. If you want something done right...

High Performance E-Type Air Cleaner High Performance E-Type Air Cleaner
Part #: 17-1690
Made by a K & N competitor, this filter increases air flow by a minimum of 20 percent over a standard paper filter and does a vastly superior job of keeping dirt out of your engine while doing so. What's more, a paper filter continues to loose efficiency as it gets dirty - not so with our new cotton filter as it's just as effective and efficient when dirty. Warranted for a million miles and can be cleaned and re-used. For all Series I and II E-Types with round filter.

E-Type Air Cleaner-Grommet-Seal Kit E-Type Air Cleaner, Grommet & Seal Kit
Part #: 17-1691
We've packaged our new air cleaner grommet, our new high performance air filter and a snorkel box seal into one convenient and money-saving package. Give your E-Type a breath of (well-sealed) fresh air. For all Series I and II E-Types with round filter.

Decal Kit New
Series I and II E-Type Decal Kits

To ease the ordering process and save you money, we've put together decal kits for Series I and II E-Types. We've included all the appropriate decals (well, "stickers" to be precise) for each model. Data plates and other "hard" plates can be ordered separately. For Series III V-12 kits, please call our sales staff or refer to the XKs Unlimited master Jaguar catalog. Please note that our research has uncovered information that differs from even the latest version of our catalog, so kit contents may differ from what's specified there.

Application Part # Price Buy
E-Type 3.8 16-4405 $28.22
E-Type 4.2 Series I 16-4407 $36.06
E-Type, 1968 16-4409 $47.82
E-Type, 1969 16-4411 $60.39
E-Type, 1970 16-4413 $60.46
E-Type, 1971 16-4415 $57.97
Special Washers for Series I E-Type Bonnet Pivot Special Washers for Series I E-Type Bonnet Pivot
Hard to get excited about washers, right? Well, if your Series I E-Type bonnet squeaks every time it's raised or lowered, most likely the pivot washers were replaced with hardware store items of the incorrect material. These are the correct brass washers and Jaguar used them for a reason. We also have the correct brass washers used to retain the balance link springs.

Stepped Bolt Washer, small hole    BD20013/1    $3.06

Stepped Bolt Washer, large hole    BD20013/2    $3.06

Balance Link Spring Pins Washer    BD20013/4    $0.89

Special Washers for Series I E-Type Bonnet Pivot Special Washers Kit:
Kit of four stepped bolt washers, two stepped pivot bolts and two locking nuts.
Part# 16-1510   $23.90

Caliper Mount Bracket New Replacement Steering Rack for V-12 E-Type
Part #: 14-4007
New The V-12 E-Type steering has a couple of strikes against it. As supplied from the factory, the V-12 cars had notoriously light and numb steering in the tradition of American boulevard cruisers. While the Series III E-Type had evolved away from the far more sporting earlier cars, the steering did nothing to help the car's cause. The other issue is simply a function of time and the toll it takes on various mechanical components. Many V-12 steering racks are now beyond repair, and replacements are virtually impossible to find. Our new steering rack kit neatly solves both issues, however. It gives the car the well-connected feel it should have had three decades ago, greatly increasing communication from the tires to the steering wheel. And, because the kit uses a fully reconditioned rack from a decades newer Jaguar and new hoses, you will effectively "zero-time" your steering system. It is a simple bolt-in conversion with no body alterations required.

Clutch Pipe Kits For V-12 E-Type New Clutch Pipe Kits For V-12 E-Type

Manufactured by XKs Unlimited, these kits include both clutch hard lines for LHD V-12 E-Types, factory part numbers C34972 and C33663. Available in stainless steel, or mild steel for the purist.

Mild Steel
Part #: 04-1004

Stainless Steel
Part #: 04-1005

Console Trim NEW Handbrake Seal
Part #: BD-20469

Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited to a much higher standard than other reproductions. This item is attached to the underside of the console and helps to insulate the interior from heat and noise.

NEW Shifter Trim
Part #: 19-3066
Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited, we've reduced the price on this item substantially. For all Series I and II cars using a leather shift boot.

E-Type Steering Rack Rebuild Kits New E-Type Steering Rack Rebuild Kits

Has your E-Type lost direction in life? You could try an encounter group, but one of our steering rack rebuild kits will definitely be more effective, and besides, it will never be your turn to bring refreshments. We've put together all the bearings, seals, springs, lock tabs, tie rod ends, and mounts you'll need to get your E-Type back on track, literally. "Early" racks use the 1"-long pinion bearing; later racks use the 5/8" pinion bearing and can be identified by a groove on the pinion shaft. See our catalog on page 245 for a diagram.

Early Ser. I
Part #: 14-2052

Late Ser. I, Ser. II
Part #: 14-2054

E-Type Ignition Wire Kits NEW E-Type Ignition Wire Kits

If your ignition wires are looking a bit ratty, maybe it's time for a "system upgrade." We've put together handy kits that include a new distributor cap, ignition wires, spark plug ends, ignition wire conduit and PVC sleeve and wire grommet. Buy the kit and save!

3.8 Early
Part #: 08-1506

3.8 Later, Through Early Series II
Part #: 08-1508

4.2 Series II, Late With Push-in Cap
Part #: 08-1510

Sump Kit NEW Sump Kit With Sump, Filter, Gasket and Anti-Seize
Part #: 03-1052

We've combined everything you'll need to replace your Series I or II E-Type fuel tank sump and sump filter: sump, filter, seal and even a packet of anti-seize paste. By the way, we're also making our own C26310 seal, as the UK-supplied parts were swelling and failing in gasoline.

Fuel Tank Sump NEW Series I & II Fuel Tank Sump
Part #: CO-19302

Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited. We were unhappy with both the quality and price of steel reproductions from the UK, so we made our own version in black-anodized alloy for superior corrosion resistance. Beautifully CNC-machined in the USA. Also see the handy kit at left.

Torsion Bar and Torsion Bar Plate Kits NEW Torsion Bar & Torsion Bar Plate Kits

Torsion bars and adjustable torsion bar plate sold as a kit. SAVE more than $60.00!!

Standard Bars For Series I and II E-Type
Part #: 17-8500

Hi-Performance Bars For Series I and II E-Type
Part #: 17-8502

Power Steering Pump Pulley NEW V-12 Power Steering Pump Pulley
Part #: CO-32593

Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited. Beautifully made in the U.S. Black oxide coated.

Water Pump Belt Water Pump Belt, 4.2 Series I E-Type
Part #: 09-0117

Now manufactured by XKs Unlimited. Superior quality at a lower price.

Bowdrill And Vinyl Kits NEW  Bowdrill And Vinyl Kits For Top Canopy Panel

If you're considering replacement of your E-Type's top, there are a number of additional items you might consider in order to do the job completely. One of them is the material to re-cover the "canopy" panel, the sheet metal panel at the front of the top. We offer the correct bowdrill material in both beige and black for Series I and early Series II. Later Series II and all Series III cars used black vinyl.

Tan Bowdrill Kit
Black Bowdrill Kit
Black Vinyl Kit
Instrument Panel Re-Trim Kits NEW Instrument Panel Re-Trim Kits, Series I   II

Kits include all the vinyl required to re-cover your E-Type's instrument panel. (This item is not included with interior kits. Note that the vinyl pattern does not exactly match original but is as close as is available.)

Series I
Part #: IT-2105

Series II
Part #: IT-2260

V-12 Roadster Seat Belts

NEW V-12 Roadster Seat Belts
These are American-made replacement belts that meet all current safety standards. One hole must be drilled in the rear bulkhead to accommodate a mount bracket locating pin, otherwise they bolt-in. Electrical connection in receptacle is retained. Bring modern safety to your V-12 roadster. Sold per pair. Another XKs Unlimited exclusive!

Marketing the Marque

"Jaguar: Marketing the Marque"
With more than 80 years of history, Jaguar and its advertising agencies have produced a vast range of promotional literature. This handsome volume brings together a variety of this fascinating material, which tells the story of the company and the social history throughout the period. 192 pages, 200 color photos, 50 black-and-white photos and illustrations.

Part #: 11-9108


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