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Updating the XKs Unlimited catalog is not unlike painting the Golden Gate Bridge: once we’re finished, we start all over again. So, rather than continue to publish one large catalog, we are working at breaking our catalog into five sub-catalogs: E-Type, XK, Early Sedans, Early XJ, and Late XJ/XK/X-Type/S-Type.

The single catalog has simply grown too large and could not accommodate additional products and research without becoming a confusing behemoth. Our new catalogs will be the standard of the industry, and a huge leap forward, with fewer items per page, clean new formats and more application and product information than ever before.

These new catalogs are not simply excerpted versions of our Master Catalog, but each is an expansion of that foundational book. The Master Jaguar Catalog from 2005 reads at 470 pages. The E-Type is 508 and the new XK Parts Catalog is 350. We’ve added hundreds of new parts and included numerous new line drawings and photographs to illustrate them. We think you’ll be impressed. Because of the tremendous printing and postage costs, we will continue our policy of providing free copies on compact disc but will charge a refundable fee for the printed version. Once the five-volume set is complete we will pull the, then obsolete, Master Catalog.

As we work through 2008 and into 2009 you will find access to more of these catalogs listed here and available in print for or on CDs. Check the links below to order the book(s) you need.

PDF of Jaguar XK
120-140-150 Parts

PDF of Jaguar
Saloon Parts
PDF of Jaguar
E-Type Parts
PDF of Jaguar
XJ Parts
PDF of Jaguar
Late Model Parts
XK Catalog Saloon Catalog E-Type Catalog XJ Catalog Late Model Catalog


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